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Trump Lashes Out At Fox News Host After She Calls Him An 'Ex-President' During Tense Interview

Fox News; Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Image

During a recent interview on Fox News, President Trump was caught up in an awkward moment after host Harris Faulkner referred to him as an ex-President.

She also asked why Trump insisted on bad mouthing the Biden administration, which breaks with presidential tradition.

You can see the segment here:

Faulkner asked Trump:

"Most president, ex-presidents like yourself do not weigh in at this level. Why did you feel like you needed to on this issue?"

Trump responded:

"Well, you called me, I didn't call you, in all fairness."

But Faulkner didn't back down.

She followed up, saying:

"You wrote the statement last night. It was pretty strong."

Many people online thought both sides of the interview should be embarassed.

Twitter couldn't help but cringe at the uncomfortable moment from a political figure that, in a normal world, would be the picture of decorum.

Of course, Fox News' disregard for good faith, fact-based arguments hasn't earned it many fans online either.

Donald Trump may not be on many people's TV screens anymore, but when he did appear he was just as uncouth as most people remembered.

Perhaps the former President would be more comfortable with public interviews if he was still able to blow off steam on Twitter.

Donald Trump had better get used to being called an "ex-President" because that's what he'll likely be for the rest of his life.