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Food Delivery Worker Gets Petty Revenge After Woman Accuses Her Of Flirting With Her Husband

Food Delivery Worker Gets Petty Revenge After Woman Accuses Her Of Flirting With Her Husband
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Redditor Nohotdogforyou works for a food delivery service and was falsely accused of an indiscretion by a female customer on a recent delivery.

Consequently, the delivery woman was given a lousy tip and called a "slut" for what she did.

When she discovered that she was delivering to the same customer the following week, she decided to seek revenge.

After friends gave her flack for the vengeful act, she visited the "Am I the A**hole" (AITA) subReddit and asked strangers on the internet:

"AITA for keeping a ladies food because she didn't tip me previously for 'flirting' with her husband?"

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

"So I work for a food delivery service, not one of the big well known ones but one that's only in certain areas of my state. The area I mostly get deliveries in is a smallish new town. (Just so you understand why this was even possible)."
"So a couple weeks ago, I delivered food to this ladies house. The husband was apparently grabbing a package off the porch when I arrived. We ended up chatting a bit, and were joking around with each other, just enjoying each others company for a few minutes."
"Shortly after leaving, I got a nasty message about if I expect tips not to be acting like a slut and hitting on other peoples husbands, and she left me a $2 tip (the lowest amount allowed)."
"It really sucked because since this is a small town still being developed, there's not really any food places nearby meaning it took close to an hour of driving to get their food to them."
"Anyways, about a week later I got a delivery to the same house. I figured I probably wouldn't be getting a tip again since she could definitely see it was me, and considering the lady even insulted me last time, I said f'k this and kept a few parts of their meal."
"Figured I'd enjoy lunch on her to make up for the lack of tips and the rude attitude."
"Anyways, I was talking to my friends about this and some of them said it did sound like I was hitting on the husband and I shouldn't of done that, and that I shouldn't of kept their food this time because I 'kind of deserved' her stiffing me and sending me that message."
"A few of them defended me but the others thought I was being an AH. So reddit what do you think, aita?"

The OP later updated her post―twice―to answer questions that came up in the comments.

"Edit to add because for some reason I can't reply anymore and these are common questions."
"I didnt think what I said/did was really flirting or hitting on him, I casually complimented him and his muscles and said something that was meant to mean his wife was lucky."
"I considered the $2 tip not tipping because the app doesn't let you get tipped less than that (in certain situations the minimum required tip is actually higher) also we get paid a certain percentage of the delivery fee plus tips, and the delivery fee isn't very high."
"There was no manager for me to report her to because its just a food delivery app. They place the order, we pick it up (and actually order it too) and deliver it."
"It tells you the address it's going to after you pick up the food so I couldn't just reject the delivery."
"edit 2 because people keeping asking about it"
"I did playfully touch his arm but just for a second, and the "something that was meant to mean his wife was lucky" was something on the lines of "too bad you're married, id love to have someone like you as my husband!" But IN A JOKING WAY! I WASN'T MEANING IT TO BE FLIRTY! My friends thought that was too much so I didn't want to include it but it keeps getting brought up"

Anonymous strangers on the internet were asked if and where guilt belongs by declaring:

  • NTA - Not The A**hole
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  • ESH - Everyone Sucks Here
  • NAH - No A**holes Here

Redditors declared the OP as YTA and admonished her for essentially stealing from the customer.

"YTA - WTF you kept some of the food?? Just decline that delivery!!!" – HoloNailPolish
"I'm sorry but YTA."
"She might have been rude but she paid for the meal. If she gave you problems, you could have just reported her to the app for being rude but you're essentially stealing from her."
"If she notices the missing items in the meal, the restaurant would get a bad review/complains/etc when it wasn't even their fault." – all-i-live-for
"Op is being selfish , petty and unprofessional . The restaurant doesn't deserve a bad review because of that."
"The lady can now complain about both her food missing and op hitting on her husband." – Gryffindor_prefect

People believed the OP's compliments to the husband definitely constituted flirtation.

"For real. If it was something like 'Oh awesome shirt!' or 'Dude your front yard looks on point, what kind of fertilizer do you use?' or whatever, aight, that's nice."
"Muscles though? Lucky wife? You'd have to make it sound extremely platonic for that to not sound like flirting. Maybe like 'Wow nice muscles man! How the f'k do you keep that up? I mean I've tried but the gym is a f'king hellscape and I have no sense of discipline."
"'Oh, you and your wife go together? That's awesome! Maybe I should get myself a wife too then lol.' Like, make it extremely friendzoney. And for the 'lucky wife' one I just. No. Couldn't think of anything that didn't sound flirty." – Romcom1398
"'Casually complimenting his muscles' was definitely flirting, even unintentional. If someone complimented me on my curves or something I'd definitely think I was being hit on. Implies attraction."
"And knowing he was married made it inappropriate (although, husband should have shut it down)." – Tashianie
"YTA. I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and believe that you weren't flirting with her husband, although I will say the way you worded the situation seems to suggest otherwise. Granted, she shouldn't have sent you that awful text, that's for sure."
"Why are you the a**hole then? You ended up stealing from her (and her very friendly husband btw), and you seem awfully proud of everything that went on. If you can't be professional in a job just don't do it."
"If this is your inmediate reaction when encountering rude customers, then you have no business in this type of job."
"ETA: Scratch benefit of the doubt, OP stated in the comments that she made a 'casual comment complimenting his muscles, and said something else that meant his wife was a lucky woman for this.' So yeah, she was openly flirting with her customer."
"Regardless of whether you were hitting on the husband, what you did was theft. Not only are you an a**hole, you're a criminal."
"And, more importantly, your boss will get a call wondering why the order was short and probably figure out what happened and fire you."
"Nice work a**hole. YTA" – FrnchsLwyr

Although the OP maintained that she had no intention of hitting on the customer's husband, Redditors ultimately agreed that stealing was the bigger offense here.