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People Are Completely Weirded Out By This Fish With Human Teeth

Facebook/South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

We could all stand to take better care of our teeth. But none of us expect the catch of the day to remind us of that fact. After the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources posted a photo of a fish called a sheepshead, the internet has been fascinated and creeped out by its human-looking teeth.

WBIR Channel 10

Sheepsheads can be found off the Atlantic coast and in the Gulf of Mexico, where they use their flat-edged, human-like teeth to chomp through "hard-shelled sea life like oysters, crabs and barnacles." And as if the front row weren't unsettling enough, the fish then use their back rows to grind their food into tiny pieces.

Lazaro Gonzalez/Facebook

These cheerfully looking fish can actually get pretty big—weighing as much as 20 pounds! Due to their size, they've been the victims of overfishing in the past, though their population is now doing quite well and frequently model for underwater photographers.

Blue Heron Bridge Dive Club/Facebook

Of course, Twitter can't really get over the teeth thing.

If you're looking to find (or avoid) some sheepshead, they like to hang out around "mangrove roots, piers and jetties." So, just keep away from those places, and you can save yourself a few nightmares.

H/T - The Dodo, Getty Images