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Twitter Is Naming All The Non-Villain Fictional Characters That Voted For Trump, And We Could Totally See It

There's a certain kind of person people expect to vote for Donald Trump, whether they're real or not.

On July 21, Twitter user @malkatz asked internet users to do a fascinating thought experiment:

which fictional characters seem like they "absolutely voted for Trump."

The answers seemed frighteningly accurate.

According to @Malkatz's rules, the character could come from any country or period in history—this was more about their personalities and political beliefs.

To kick things off, she had some ideas of his own!

The thread went viral, with people everywhere offering up their diehard fictional Trump supporters.

The characters were, for the most part, older white males, with a distinct conservative tilt.

Characters who were obsessed with money and wealth also seemed like a good fit.

Trump has also found a lot of support among people who are over-zealous about the military.

Sometimes, entire fictional families seem like they'd shout MAGA at the drop of a hat.

Even if characters lived hundreds of years before Trump, their opinions on social issues made their vote clear.

Some characters aren't that different from the people who played them...

Though @Malkatz had asked for characters who weren't villains, one Twitter user left us with the true lesson of the viral Twitter prompt:

Have a not villain you think might be leaning red in 2020? This shirt, available here, can express your concern.