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FedEx Delivery Driver Caught On Camera Carelessly Hurling Boxes Into Back Of Truck


A FedEx driver was caught on camera throwing packages into the back of his delivery truck like basketballs.

The shocking footage shows the delivery driver hurling eight cardboard boxes into his vehicle with no apparent concern for their contents.

An onlooker, who has asked to remain anonymous, caught the incident in Glastonbury, Connecticut, on video.


He said:

“Hopefully whatever was in those boxes was well packed."
“You hear about these things happening and I know packages take a beating, but this was very funny to see in person. He has a good arm on him, I'll give him that."

The FedEx employee takes packages from a pile before throwing them, as if chest-passing a basketball, into the back of the truck in June, 2019.


FedEx spokesperson David Westrick said:

“The behavior depicted in the video is unacceptable and inconsistent with the professionalism service providers demonstrate every day."
“We are committed to treating our customers' shipments with the utmost care and will take appropriate steps to review and address this matter."