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Man Reunited With Prosthetic Leg He Lost While Skydiving Thanks To Eagle-Eyed Farmer

A US skydiver who lost his prosthetic leg during a jump has it back thanks to a farmer who spotted it in a soybean field.

Double amputee Chris Marckres, of Hyde Park, went for a jump on Saturday at Vermont Skydiving Adventures in West Addison, Vermont, and lost one of his prosthetic legs after leaping from the plane.

Mr. Marckres told reporters:

“I think my adrenaline was so high and I was just so excited, I didn't realize I had lost it."

Mr. Marckres, who was harnessed to an instructor, landed safely.

Farmer Joe Marszalkowski holds the prosthetic leg he found Farmer Joe Marszalkowski holds the prosthetic leg he found (Jack Thurston/NECN and NBC10 Boston via AP)

He then put out the word on social media that he had lost his leg. Farmer Joe Marszalkowski saw the post before finding the prosthetic on Sunday in a soybean field. Beyond a few scratches, it was undamaged.

“You've always got to keep an eye out," said Mr. Marszalkowski, who compared the discovery to a needle in a haystack. He said he was grateful he found the leg without running it over with a machine during the autumn harvest.

“Or, God forbid, the combine sucked it up – it would've destroyed it," Mr. Marszalkowski said.

Mr. Marckres said losing his leg turned into a positive experience.

“We kind of take for granted sometimes how many truly good people there still are in the world," he said.