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Family Surprises Young Cousin With The Greatest Christmas Gift He Could Receive—And It's A Tearjerker 😭❤️

Twitter Ethan Kirby- Twitter J

A heartwarming story about a young boy getting the greatest gift for Christmas is going viral on Twitter. What is this gift? A family.

In the video, posted by Twitter user Ethan Kirby, a young boy named Carter opens his last present and gets the best news he could have hoped for: His aunt, uncle and cousins offer him a permanent home with their family.

Carter's reaction as he reads the note has us all choked up and remembering what the holiday spirit is really about.

Take a look for yourself and have tissues nearby.

After the video went viral, Carter's aunt, Leah Kiphart, told ABC6:

"The adoption process for an outside family was starting and that was a really, really hard thing for us to accept, and know that this might have been the last time that we were ever going to see Carter,. [We] felt that it was really important for us to keep him in the family."

"A lot of people talk about how lucky he is. We are just as fortunate to have him join our family. He is a good, good kid."

Carter couldn't be happier. He said of his newfound Twitter fame:

"It feels awesome. It made me feel good that other people can my happiness and my family's happiness."

And many people couldn't be happier for the entire family.

And, of course, the dad jokes have begun.

And the happy, happy tears!

We wish the entire family many more happy holidays together!