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Woman's TikTok About Faking Her Own Kidnapping As A Kid To Get Boyfriend To Answer Her Call Is An Instant Classic

Woman's TikTok About Faking Her Own Kidnapping As A Kid To Get Boyfriend To Answer Her Call Is An Instant Classic

Looking to spice up your relationship?

A TikToker shared a tactic that is a surefire way to get your significant other's attention in no time.

TikTok user Chiara, also known as @chiarakellogg on the social media platform, posted a cringe-worthy confession of the time when she was 12 years old and told a lie to get her boyfriend to respond to her texts.

The confession is more wild than anything you could guess.


humbling #fyp #greenscreen

We're all prone to doing some pretty bizarre things in our adolescence but Chiara's tale takes the cake.

12-year-old Chiara fully admitted on TikTok to the time she faked her own kidnapping to get her boyfriend to answer her FaceTime. The pictures are just as unbelievable as the story itself.

Chiara's story has ignited a flurry of activity in the comment section of the video, with many users commending her acting abilities, some left wondering what the logistics of such a plan were and some offering up their own advice as to how Chiara could've made her efforts more believable.





Since being posted a mere six days ago, Chiara's eight-second long confession has brought in over 11 million views, nearly two million likes and approximately 26,000 comments.

The seconds-long video showed present day Chiara whose body was intentionally blocking the backdrop of the video as she set the scene and provided viewers with context for what they're about to see.

Chiara was heard saying:

"It is so bad, I want to give you a zero but that's not possible."
"So I give you... a one."

As Chiara moved out of frame, 12-year-old Chiara appeared tied to a chair using what seemed to be a handbag strap and headband while there seemed to be some type of cloth being used as a makeshift gag.

Viewers of the TikTok found the video hilarious and, rather than being left speechless, TikTokers did what they do best and took to the comment section to ask Chiara the hard-hitting questions.





Other TikTok comments reassured Chiara her tactics would have worked on them and they would have picked up her FaceTime call.


In a follow-up video that has nearly one million views, Chiara revealed the email exchange between her and her then-boyfriend as she planted the seeds of her plan.

In the email back-and-forth, Chiara wrote:

“If you ever wanna see her again... Answer my FaceTime later... Or else."

Not taking the bait just yet, her boyfriend responded with one word:


Reply to @amanran69 #greenscreen #fyp my friend tied me to a chair and staged the hostage situation.. we FaceTimed later❤️

As the plot thickened, the boyfriend asked the alleged kidnapper:

"What did you do to Chiara?”

...followed by:

“U are scaring me."

The boyfriend's response would suggest Chiara's efforts were not in vain and he believed the whole ordeal.

Chiara walked so Liam Neeson's Taken could run.

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