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PHOTO: Single 'Emily' Tweets Funny Twist on Family Christmas Cards

Attention: Family newsletters are a thing of the past.

The tradition of families summarizing their yearlong milestones like graduations, engagements, and new babies, in the form of Christmas cards, have fizzled in the age of up-to-date Facebook announcements.

But when the holidays roll around, some people still have the itch to send something tangible in the mail wishing you and yours seasonal platitudes. Yawn. But, no thank you.

Emily Seawright from Whittier, CA, incorporated a twist on the obligatory, annual newsletter. She shared a photo of her family that conveyed everything with one fell shutter-release. She tweeted, "my family's Christmas card this year lmao."

The brilliantly staged photo reads from left to right, naturally, beginning with the "excited" parents. Excited for what? You can see the story unfold to their left.

Partnered family members display signs with their respective statuses indicated by the letter "E." There's the engaged couple. To their left is another couple, plus child, expecting another addition to the family. And last but not least is Emily, herself, the single sibling.

Emily has no significant news to report. She's just happy to be "Emily" - Code for single, perhaps?

The photo went viral on Twitter, praising Emily embracing being a single lady, with over 57,000 retweets, 338,000 likes, and over 1,000 comments, as of December 2.


But Emily doesn't claim credit for the idea. She was inspired by another family photo last year. She tweeted, "Lots of articles saying I came up with the idea, I never claimed this. The photo was inspired by egg salad man lol pls let that be known."


Emily told People magazine that her family members are seasoned pros when it comes to Christmas card portraits, but the tone of this year's offering is quite a departure from past cards. “My family sends out a different Christmas card every single year, it’s been a tradition for as long as I can remember, but we have never done a funny one," she said. They nailed it.

Mother, Diane Seawright said the photo hadn't been duplicated for distribution just yet, but she might want to reconsider her plan at this point. The Internet already has a copy of the fabulous photo.

Others joined in on the fun of owning their singlehood this Christmas.






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