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Security Camera Catches Guy's Angry Ex Crashing Her SUV Through His Garage In Fit Of Rage

Security Camera Catches Guy's Angry Ex Crashing Her SUV Through His Garage In Fit Of Rage

A Redditor recently posted a video to the PublicFreakout subReddit that showed security camera footage of an angry ex ramming her car into a man's garage door.

Redditor MagnanimousKruppe captioned the video:

"My friend just bought his first house, gained custody of his daughter, and is doing really well. His crazy ex decided she had to do something about that."

The footage from the ADT security camera showed a black minivan pulling into the driveway and ramming straight into the man's new home. The driver then backed up to the end of the driveway and hit the garage door a second time.

The video has 28.4K up-votes and over a thousand comments.

Redditor FungiAmongiBungi wrote:

"What a sh*tty person."

Then u/CptnWolfe responded:

"Welcome to reality, this is just the surface."

u/IfHomerWasGod said:

"Some people just hate others doing well, hope she was arrested for this."

Another commenter, u/Adventurous-Leave844, commented about the custody of the children:

"Well we clearly see why he got custody. She's psycho."

u/avwitcher replied:

"And she just made sure that he was going to keep full custody."

This post also sparked a conversation about child custody battles between single mothers and single fathers. In the U.S. only one in five fathers are awarded child custody.

Redditor Melodic-Hunter2471 said:

"The f*cked up part is that there are a decent number of good deserving fathers, that don't get the chance."

Redditor MisterBroda passionately shared their thoughts on the matter:

"It's crazy that in todays age the mothers need to be literally psychopaths so that the dads even have a chance at getting custody. It is about the wellbeing of the child!!"
"Instead it is almost always assumed to father did something wrong and the mother is the 'better' parent. Disgusting sexism which is hurting too many children."
"I would not doubt it if I could find a study that says anyone knows such a story... because I know multiple ones. And it is sad how it affected the children in those stories."

Then RMT_Dude chimed in:

"Family Court can really bring out the demon in anyone. It's a horrific system that desperately needs fixing."

A few people were glad this was caught on camera, especially if there were to be any legal repercussions.

"At least there's evidence," said u/KelBel50169.

In a reply, coolhandpete33 joked:

"License plate is nowhere on video, so she can easily claim she was crashing her car into the house of another ex at the time."

We assume no one was on the other side of the garage door. But the trauma from such an act could very well be quite damaging.