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Evangeline Lilly Just Opened Up About Nude Scenes On The Set Of 'Lost': 'I Felt I Had No Choice In The Matter.'

Evangeline Lilly Just Opened Up About Nude Scenes On The Set Of 'Lost': 'I Felt I Had No Choice In The Matter.'
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We all fell in love with Evangeline Lilly when she broke into the big-time on TV as Kate in Lost.

But little did we know, the process of filming the hit TV show was not always a pleasant one for the Canadian actress.

Lilly spoke about her experience in a recent episode of The Lost Boys podcast, hosted by actor Jack Shepherd and reporter Jacob Stolworthy.

The podcast features the two hosts experiencing the television show Lost together, one for the first time (Shepherd) and one for the eighth time (Stolworthy). Occasionally they interview actors from the show.

During her interview, Lilly reflected on booking the show and her views on her character, Kate. When asked about Kate, Lilly shared that she originally liked her and viewed her as "an icon for strength and autonomy for women," but felt like the love triangle between Kate, Jack and Sawyer diminished those qualities.

She even shared that she threw scripts across the room in frustration. Stolworthy, interviewing solo so that nothing of the plot was spoiled for his counterpart, asked,

"Now, was there anything you actually demanded to be taken out or changed and it kind of happened?"

Lilly stated that in Season 4 she asked for a change after a very bad experience during Season 3:

"In Season 3, I'd had a bad experience on set with being basically cornered into doing a scene partially naked, and I felt I had no choice in the matter. And I was mortified and I was trembling and when it finished I was crying my eyes out..."

But her Season 4 request was not granted:

"In Season 4, another scene came up where Kate was undressing and I fought very hard to have that scene be under my control and I failed to control it again."

So Lilly felt her only remaining option was outright refusal:

"And so I then said, 'No more. You can write whatever you want — I won't do it. I will never take my clothes off on this show again.' And I didn't."

After listening to her story, Stolworthy stated that "[the showrunners] abused that power" and Lilly agreed. The interview continued with discussions about "Time's Up" and women who aren't in positions where they can easily navigate saying "no" in uncomfortable work situations.

Twitter was saddened to learn of Lilly's experiences on set.

The creators of Lost and executive producers, including J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof, Jack Bender and Carlton Cuse, issued a joint statement:

"Our response to Evie's comments in the media was to immediately reach out to her to profoundly apologize for the experience she detailed while working on Lost. We have not yet connected with her, but remain deeply and sincerely sorry."
"No person should ever feel unsafe at work. Period."

ABC has not yet commented about Lilly's statements.

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