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Eric Trump Asked People To Retweet If They 'LOVE Our President'—And It Backfired Splendidly

Jim Spellman/Getty Images

Eric Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday, December 9, to try and generate some positive momentum for his father, President Trump.

Asking his followers to "retweet if you LOVE our President," Eric was likely disappointed to find most of the people who retweeted weren't fans of Donald Trump at all.

The vast majority of replies were from Twitter users trolling Eric by offering their support to President-elect Joe Biden.

Those who didn't offer their support to Joe Biden instead offered their support to President Trump's removal.

Many Americans are counting the days until Biden's inauguration.

If Eric Trump was hoping for a pick-me-up, this was likely not it.

To many online, the Trump sons have seemed desperate for their father's approval.

This tweet is a perfect example!

Yet again, Eric Trump's Twitter skills created an epic online moment—just not the one he wanted!