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Twitter Collectively Recoils After Eric Trump Suggests He Might Run For President After His Dad

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Get ready, world. Even if President Trump is voted out of office in November, it's possible his children could still try to run.

And not just any of his children.

Oh no—on Twitter this past Monday, September 7, some Trump supporters began to get excited about the idea of an Eric Trump presidency.

It all started with a typical Trump family tweet, claiming with no evidence whatsoever that Democrats will be cheating in the upcoming election.

The next thing you know, one of Trump's followers was suggesting he should run for President.

Eric Trump even liked the tweet himself.


Twitter was not thrilled by the idea.

Many reacted with extended, powerful laughter.

Others thought Trump would have other things to worry about before starting the campaign.

Yet another Trump in office gave many Twitter users a visceral reaction.

Hopefully Eric Trump has a bright, happy future far, far away from the world of politics.