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Elton John Once Let Stevie Wonder Drive Off On His Snowmobile All By Himself

Elton John Once Let Stevie Wonder Drive Off On His Snowmobile All By Himself

Elton John appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this past Tuesday to promote his upcoming memoir Me, available here, and decided to share one of the many star-studded anecdotes that promises to make it a smash hit.

It turns out that while they were both recording music at Caribou Ranch in Nederland, Colorado, Stevie Wonder asked Elton John if he could drive his snow mobile.

Elton, feeling like he couldn't deny the amazingly talented but blind, musician, let Wonder take a go to unforgettable results.

Elton John Let Stevie Wonder Drive His

Perhaps the best part of the story was Elton recalling his zinger once Wonder had boarded the snowmobile.

"And we thought, OK, that's another rival gone. That's him out of the way. We just needed to get Phil Collins and Rod Stewart up there."

Twitter loved Elton's story, told in his signature sassy style!

Many people thought Stevie Wonder would do just fine as a snow mobile driver.

Snow mobiles = the best way to destroy the competition.

Fortunately, it will take more than a snowmobile to put an end to Stevie Wonder!

One can only hope he and Elton go adventuring together again soon.

Sir Elton's book Me was released October 15. Available here, it is his first autobiography.


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