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Elmo Tweeted About His Missing Blue Check Mark–And Big Bird Had The Purest Response

Big Bird quote tweeted Elmo after he expressed concern for his missing Twitter blue checkmark.

Big Bird and Elmo at Awards Show
Paul Morigi/Getty Images

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, a lot has changed. But one of the new features that seems to have ruffled the most tweeting bird feathers is the new subscription option, Twitter Blue.

While Twitter used to be a free social media platform, except for features like paid advertising. But now, there's an option for Twitter Blue, which cost eight dollars per month for a typical user and 1,000 dollars per month for businesses.

The catch is that this paid subscription is the only way going forward for users to have the blue checkmark that verifies their account. The only honorary blue checkmarks that were given out were to Stephen King, LeBron James, and William Shatner, while everyone else will have to pay.

This unfortunately includes some much-loved accounts, like our nostalgic besties from Sesame Street, who all had blue verification checkmarks in the past.

Everyone's favorite red muppet, Elmo, tweeted about his missing blue checkmark like an old friend.

"Elmo will miss you, little blue check mark. But don't worry, everybody, Elmo is still Elmo!"

His favorite giant friend, Big Bird, was quick to respond with some brilliantly wholesome advice.

"Do you need help finding it, Elmo? Do you remember where you last had it?"

'Sesame Street' has always been one of those shows that struck a balance between the muppets being wise and able to teach the children around them, while also acting childlike themselves.

Big Bird asking if Elmo knew where he last had it carries that feeling of a parent helping their child find something, while also endearingly sounding like two kids trying to help each other out.

Some were left feeling warm and fuzzy from Big Bird's suggestion.

Others agreed and added that they would always follow Elmo.

While things have changed on Twitter quite a bit since Elon Musk gained ownership, it's clear one thing that isn't changing is who Twitter users choose to follow.

Elmo may not have a blue checkmark anymore, but Elmo is still Elmo, and as long as Elmo is Elmo, fans of 'Sesame Street' will continue to follow his little red fuzzy account.