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People Are Somehow Just Learning That Elizabeth Olsen Is Mary-Kate And Ashley's Younger Sister

People Are Somehow Just Learning That Elizabeth Olsen Is Mary-Kate And Ashley's Younger Sister
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Hollywood is full of famous families. Siblings who are successful actors isn't exactly uncommon.

That's not to say it can't be surprising - which seems to be the case for people only just discovering that WandaVision and Marvel movie star Elizabeth Olsen is the younger sister to super famous twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley.

Let's just say it's impactful knowledge for some people.

In some cases, like Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen, the siblings don't share a name and don't immediately look alike. People not initially realizing they're siblings kind of makes sense.

But if the siblings all share a name and look eerily similar, it stands to reason the relationship would be common knowledge. Especially if some of the siblings dropped a whole diss track against the other. Right?

Enter the Olsens.

We've known the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, since they were literal infants acting as Michelle Tanner on Full House. The sisters fame exploded as they got older and moved on to act in other work, launch multiple brands, and pretty much take over pop culture for a while there.

As adults the pair continue to be active businesswomen and philanthropists, though to some they're now more famous for their signature look.

The twins toussled dirty-blonde locks, piercing eyes, and prominent cheekbones are immediately recognizable. It's a look Elizabeth certainly shares.

Though she is a fair bit taller than the twins, who stand at about 5'2".

The sisters have always been quite public about their relationship. Elizabeth's first acting roles were in Mary-Kate and Ashley's films.

Mary-Kate and Ashley talked about "Lizzie" quite often in interviews and Elizabeth is asked about it pretty regularly in her interviews as well. Their "Elizabeth and James" clothing line was named, in part, for Elizabeth Olsen

And that diss track we mentioned?


So with all that, it's easy to see how some people just do not get the surprise.

And then there's this theory ...

May their powers combine.