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Election Fraud 'Witness' Forced To Admit In Court That He's Business Partner Of Trump Campaign Lawyer


President Trump's attempts to legally challenge the results of the 2020 election have been overwhelmingly unsuccessful, with his campaign largely unable to offer any evidence of wrongdoing.

In Arizona, Senior Investigative Reporter & Editor Adam Klasfeld of Law & Crime live-tweeted the Trump campaign's election hearing in Maricopa, Arizona.

It was a bumpy ride.

One of the most embarrassing moments of the hearing came when a witness for the Trump campaign admitted under cross-examination that he was actually a business partner of the Trump campaign's lawyer.

Bringing your business partner to the stand to testify against a third party is definitely not a good look, legally speaking.

Twitter was unsurprised by the Trump campaign's lack of scruples.

When there was no actual evidence of voter fraud, it seems the Trump campaign had to come up with something to say at the hearing.

The judge insisted that the "burden of proof" of systemic failure falls on the Trump campaign, and that they offered no arguments that would invalidate the thousands of votes necessary to swing the state in Trump's direction.

It just goes to show—there are places where bringing in your close friend to help you out is a great idea. The courtroom is not one of them.