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Wax Figure Of Ed Sheeran Surrounded By Cats Somehow Just Feels Right 😻


Madame Tussauds was feeling frisky for a collaborative art installation project with Ed Sheeran, and the result is absolutely feline.

The unflinching likeness of the Grammy-winning singer/songwriter is currently surrounded by dozens of cats inside London's Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium.

So, if you happen to pop over for a cup of coffee at the city's premiere cat cafe and notice that a stoic Ed Sheeran is unresponsive to your cat calls, don't have a hissy fit.

He's just a very impressive wax replica.

However, those looking for a prime photo op had better scurry. Wax Sheeran won't be taking up purrrr-manent residence at Lady Dinah's.

This is merely just a one-week pit stop before he graces the stage at the wax museum.

The location of the temporary detour shouldn't be peculiar for Sheeran fans if they take paws and think about it.

The "Shape of You" singer is a huge cat-lover and has two of his own – Chub and Chubber – who are frequent guests on his Instagram feed, along with others he's adopted and rescued.

Madame Tussauds London spokeswoman Claire Treacy said, "We just know he loves cats and he's very famously adopted a cat. The cat had its own Instagram and Twitter feed, and when he announced his engagement there was a shout-out to his cat. We just know that he loves cats."

All kitten aside, people are impressed by another work of genius by Madame Tussauds.

H/T - Mashable, Twitter

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