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Dunkin' Donuts 'Karen' Melts Down After Her Order Of A Dozen Munchkins Isn't Fifty Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts 'Karen' Melts Down After Her Order Of A Dozen Munchkins Isn't Fifty Donuts

The Karens are up to their old tricks once again!

The internet has been left utterly baffled after watching a video of a Karen having a meltdown in a Dunkin Donuts because her dozen Munchkins only included 12 donuts. You know, like a standard dozen?

But in this Karen's world, you see, a dozen means 50.

Because she says so.

Video of the altercation was posted by TikToker Natalie Michael, known as @princess__natt on the platform, with the caption "Help me Stop Karen 2021."

In the video she shot, the Karen was seen hovering near the counter of the Dunkin Donuts—mask around her chin instead of on her face, of course—belligerently insisting an unseen cashier give her more Munchkins, yelling "I need more."

As the cashier tried to reason with her, the Karen could be heard bellowing:

"Fifty! Five zero... That's what a dozen is. Not twelve!"

That is, of course, not at all what a dozen is.

It is 12, will always be 12 and has always been 12, ever since the term first appeared in the 14th century as a corruption of the literal French word for—you guess it—twelve.

But you know Karens—they won't be hemmed in by our traditions and generally accepted realities. They make their own rules.

And Karen was not about to be deterred. In follow-up videos Michael posted showing more of the altercation, the Karen continued insisting she was owed more than 12 donut holes.

In one video, she was heard saying:

"I want MORE than 12. I want 50. You don't understand what I'm trying to say."

In another, she even went so far as to insult the cashier's intelligence.

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As the cashier continued politely dealing with her, the Karen mocked her accented English.

"You don't understanda da English."

Pretty rich, coming from a woman who doesn't understanda da math.

And Michael's fellow TikTokers were not having it.











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