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The Dumbest Statements People Have Ever Heard Anyone Say

Reddit user AlgorithmOmega asked: 'What’s the dumbest statement you’ve ever heard?'

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We've all said things we regret at one point in our lives.

Sometimes we've said the wrong name or place, other times we might have been over-confident in what we assumed was fact.

Even so, sometimes when we hear someone say something stupid, we have a hard time hiding our disbelief.

Particularly if what they said was so astonishingly stupid, we almost wanted to congratulate them.

Redditor AlgorithmOmega was curious to hear the all-time stupidest things they've ever heard come out of someone's mouth, leading them to ask:

"What’s the dumbest statement you’ve ever heard?"

Someone Definitely Should Have Stopped Talking

"'You shouldn't speak Spanish if you're not Mexican'."

"A customer who got mad at me for helping another customer in Spanish."- ZijoeLocs

No, But The Movie Won't Be As Long...

"I used to work at a movie theatre and I would encounter dumb statements/questions on the daily."

"The stupidest by far?"

"'If we're late to the movie, do we get a discount?'"- sandwichthedog

Too Little Too Late...

“'The way you’re raised has nothing to do with the way you turn out'.”

"My mom to me when I called her out on her behavior."- JoeyJoJoShabadooYEAH

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If Only Technology Were So Advanced...

"I write software, had a boss with little technical knowledge for a bit."

"He asked me to 'make the software do X or Y depending on what the user wanted when they clicked the button'."

"I asked what he meant, he got upset, told me it was simple."

"If the user wants X to happen when they click the button, do that! If they want Y to happen when they click the button, do that! "

"At first I thought maybe he meant there was some other way to figure that out from context."

"But no, ultimately he meant 'read the users mind and intent when they click the button'."- supercyberlurker

Ask Him To List All 50 States...

"Had a friend insist Hawaii is a seperate country, not a US state."

"We're both Americans."

"I'm still very embarrassed that we both attended the same high school."- Scribe625

Come Again?

"'This is a tough hurricane, one of the wettest we've ever seen, from the standpoint of water'."- cardinalbard

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This Could Mean So Many Things...

"'I don't get why they keep changing the all the sciencey facts in schools'."

"Some lady at a truck stop in Louisiana."- Past-File3933

Someone Needed To Stay Awake IN Physics... And Geography...

"If we're going south, how are we going uphill?"- AnimatedHokie


"'The vaccine can't survive 24h outside the fridge, and our body is not a fridge, so the vaccine can't last more than 24h in our body'."

"It took me 10 seconds to even comprehend and recover from the stupidity of the statement."- Keysrin

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...For Not Contributing To Overpopulation!

"'If you don't have children, God will punish you'."- Remote-Direction963

Anatomy Be Damned!

“'Only real men weigh over 100 kg'."

"Overheard at the gym."- StoneSlacker

If Only Life Were That Easy

"'I was angry, I could do whatever I want'."- mrmulticultural99

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"Mom called me a son of a b*tch when I was like 10."

"I rolled down the stairs laughing."- I_like_guns_NOLA_esq


"I was working for a contracting company and doing work for a hospital."

"I started off just hooking up and moving PCs."

"Really basic stuff that anyone who can walk and chew gum could figure out."

"And a lot of the people they hired had a hard time with that."

"After the project was done the hospital realized I wasn't a moron and kept me around."

"I worked my way up to a system admin level job."

"And the contracting company had to cut my pay."

"I asked for a raise and explained to them how I was doing far more advanced work but I heard the stupidest thing I've ever been told."

"My 'boss' ( all he did was sign a check ) explained to me by getting a $2/hr pay cut I will be better off because I will be paying less taxes. I started off making $16/hr."

"My contract ended a bit later, and I got hired on directly and got a really nice raise."- t0ny7

Gumption Or Delusion?

"The best way to find a job is to walk in the front door with a copy of your resume."- loquacious_avenger

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Some people will believe anything they see or read and have no trouble sharing this newfound information with others.

Perhaps what's most unbelievable is that they still have no idea why they leave so many people's homes with egg all over their faces.