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Doorbell Cam Catches Sneaky Squirrel Leap Into House After Owner Opens Door For Pizza Delivery Guy

Darian Herbert got quite the shock when she answered the door for her food delivery and a squirrel launched itself into her house.

Screenshots of security footage from the incident

Nothing could prepare the homeowner, nor the pizza delivery guy for that matter, for the chaos that ensued during a routine food delivery in Louisiana.

Homeowner Rodney Herbert's Nest camera footage showed a squirrel clinging onto the interior archway of the entrance as the delivery guy approached and rang the doorbell.

As the door opened, chaos ensued.

You can watch the hilarious TikTok clip shared by ABC News via Storyful, here.


Chaotic footage captured by a Nest camera shows an opportunistic squirrel launched itself into a home in Louisiana when the front door was opened to receive a food delivery. 🐿️🍕🤣 #abc7la #news #abc7eyewitness #animalsoftiktok #squirrel #squirrelsoftiktok #animals #lousiana

When Herbert's wife Darian–who was off-camera–opened the door to receive the warm food order, the critter suddenly launched itself like a caped superhero through the open door.

Darian could be heard screaming bloody murder after the airborne woodland creature granted itself access.

The oblivious delivery guy–who had his back facing the stealthy critter the whole time and likely missed the lightning-speed action–looked on in confusion after initially being startled by her screech.

The camera continued capturing him with his hand stuck in the food order retrieval position and wondering how to proceed. Eventually, he pulled the food order out from the insulated delivery pouch when the screaming stopped.

Herbert was heard asking where the little intruder was so he could grab it and Darian–still in distress mode–yelled back:

"I don't f'kn know!"

An amused Herbert laughed over the pre-dinner mayhem and reported back to the delivery guy:

"Thank you. Squirrel got in I guess."

After realizing what all the fuss was about and clearly not having seen the flying squirrel make its landing, he replied, gobsmacked, "Oh my God!" and staggered off in shock.

TikTokers chuckled and and wondered how the delivery guy missed all the action.










For a better look at the home invasion, check out the YouTube clip below posted by Fox 9 Minneapolis–St. Paul.

Darian apparently had her eye on the squirrel prior to the incident.

According to ABC 7, she told Storyful she saw the squirrel outside her home when she went out to the store.

She said she "immediately went back inside," because she knew "it was going to jump" if she walked down the pathway.

Darian changed her exit strategy by using the backdoor to leave and re-enter to bring the groceries in.

"I just had a feeling," she said, suspecting the squirrel was just waiting for the right opportunity to gain entry.

"Well, Rodney ordered pizza, and I saw the pizza guy at the door," Darian said, adding that seeing the delivery guy "standing there with no problem" assured her it would be fine to go forth with the delivery transaction.

Well, we all know how that turned out.

Darien recalled:

"I ran to our dining room and stood on a chair and yelled at Rodney to come get it."

Eventually, he managed to boot the unwelcome guest and restored peace inside the home.