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Trump Tells Democrats To Impeach Him 'Fast' So He Can 'Get Back To Business' in Morning Twitter Rant

Trump Tells Democrats To Impeach Him 'Fast' So He Can 'Get Back To Business' in Morning Twitter Rant

Following a House Judiciary hearing that saw multiple constitutional experts, including some called by Republicans, claim Donald Trump's actions warrant impeachment, President Trump did what most reasonable world leaders would do.

Just kidding.

Trump took to Twitter on Thursday, December 5, to defend himself.

Claiming he wanted to get "back to business," Trump asked Democrats to impeach him now and fast.

For once, Twitter users agreed with the President: he needed to be impeached ASAP!

Fortunately, the House obliged.

Just a short while after Trump's tweets, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a press conference in which she asked House officials to draw up the Articles of Impeachment.

The things Donald Trump's subordinates and allies testified he did and the corroborating evidence are serious.

Hopefully he will be held accountable.

The online meme factory also reacted quickly to Trump's tweeted requests.

Many are reacting to Pelosi's announcement with laughter—this is, after all, what Trump asked for.

And things are only going to speed up from here, President Trump.

Whether or not the Senate votes to convict Trump, this President will go down in history in a special, very exclusive group.

The House of Representatives has impeached 19 federal officers in the history of the United States.

Of these, 15 were federal judges. Thirteen were district court judges, one a court of appeals judge and one a Supreme Court Associate Justice. One was a United States Senator and the other a cabinet member.

Two were Presidents: Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. Both, however, were later acquitted by the Senate.

The book Impeachment: An American History is available here.