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Twitter Skewers Trump By Imagining How His Debate Prep Is Going Ahead Of Matchup With Biden

Joshua Roberts/Getty Images

With the first of three highly anticipated debates between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden set to start on Tuesday night, speculation is brewing about how each candidate is preparing to throw down the gauntlet in what's already been a cutthroat campaign.

According to CBS News, Biden's team has been looking to Trump's Twitter insults towards Biden, hoping to glean the talking points he'll deploy against the former Vice President.

Meanwhile, Trump—infamously irreverent—has done away with rehearsals and other strenuous preparation, instead opting for flashcards and videos.

Trump recently mocked Biden for putting a "lid," or a cutoff of that day's public appearances, before noon last week. The President attempted to paint it as evidence of what he says is Biden's deteriorated stamina, but multiple reporters speculated that Biden was devoting the day to more debate preparation.

Meanwhile, attorney and author Rabia O'chaudry invited her followers to speculate on Trump's preparation.

O'chaudry tweeted:

"So what do you guys think Trump's debate prep is looking like"

She was met with a bevy of answers mocking the ineptitude of the Trump campaign and its figurehead.

Some submitted their answers in the forms of GIFs.

Tuesday's debate begins at 9 pm Eastern Time, and will air on every major news channel.