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Don Jr. Dragged After Touting His Dad's Warnings About How 'Overrated' Wind Turbines Are

Don Jr. Dragged After Touting His Dad's Warnings About How 'Overrated' Wind Turbines Are
Bonnie Biess/Getty Images; Donald E. Hall/Getty Images

As Texas suffers through record low temperatures, causing its power grid to fail in many places, many have been left without power.

This incredibly dangerous situation is complex and multi-faceted, but Donald Trump Jr. has a clear villain to attack.

In a tweet from February 16, the former President's son blamed Texas power outages on failing wind turbines, praising his father's prescience when the elder Trump bashed them.

Of course, the Texas power outages have as much to do with failing coal and natural gas power plants and an ill prepared power grid, but the Trumps have never hesitated to turn an emergency into a quick, petty power grab.

Many people also pointed out that wind turbines in traditionally colder areas are still running smoothly because they planned for the possibility of cold weather, unlike Texas.

President Donald Trump never mentioned the effect cold would have on wind turbines...though he did falsely claim they caused cancer.

Wind turbines work year round in state's like Maine as well as in Antarctica and the Arctic Circle.

Texas might not have quite as many problems if it hadn't insisted on keeping itself separate from the national power grid.

Many conservatives online have been blaming the power outages on the Green New Deal, a legislative proposal that has never been voted on and is definitely not the law in Texas.

Misinformation ran rampant among Texas Republicans.

The tragedy of Texas' power grid failure is a complex one and Donald Trump Jr. blaming it all on wind turbines was definitely not his brightest moment.