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Don Jr. Dragged After Ranting About 'Wokeness' In Unhinged Defense Of Elon Musk Hosting 'SNL'

Don Jr. Dragged After Ranting About 'Wokeness' In Unhinged Defense Of Elon Musk Hosting 'SNL'
Derek Davis/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images; Maja Hitij/Getty Images

Elon Musk recently hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live. In the lead up to the hosting gig, people were critical of the choice.

Almost as critical as people were when SNL producer Lorne Michaels invited Donald Trump to host.

Perhaps that's why Donald Trump Jr. felt compelled to make a video whining about society 'pursuing the wokeness.'

Trump Jr. tweeted out his opinions on the matter and linked to a video he posted on Rumble, a video sharing app similar to Vimeo or YouTube.

You can watch his rant here:

The Rumble app is where Donald Trump and the Trump family are sharing their opinions since the former President was banned from most social media platforms.

Donald Trump Jr. stated in his video:

"What's [Elon Musk's] crime that he is controversial? That he doesn't just mimic the leftist talking points at all times?"
"He doesn't just copy them blindly because he's able to actually think outside of the box and come up with his own solutions?"
"He believes in free speech which I think most Americans used to believe in."

The controversies Musk has been a part of may include his poor response and downplaying of Covid, his engineering feats turning out to be lack luster and his incredible 166 billion dollar worth that causes cryptocurrency stock to fluctuate with a single tweet, among other things.

Though, even with all these moments of controversy with Musk, Trump Jr. seems to think the controversy is about freedom of speech.

Trump Jr. stated:

"I think the Left tries to make him out to be some sort of Right wing activist. Simply because he does believe in free speech, he does talk about the censorship."
"He is pushing the envelope in terms of the thought and process and the dialogue we should be having as a people."
"That, today, is 'controversial.' that he would question the woke powers that be is 'controversial.'"

Trump Jr. admitted he hasn't watched SNL in quite a long time.

But he still made a comparison to what it was in the 70s:

"I imagine that the '70s cast of SNL would kick today's SNL's a** just for being crybabies and snowflakes."

Trump Jr. received quite a roasting on Twitter for his latest lament.

Even though many might find it odd or controversial to see Elon Musk host SNL, the ratings for his episode were the 3rd highest for the season, sitting behind Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock.

Of course, ratings mean people watched, not that the show was good.