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Dog Initially Thought To Be Lost Leads New Hampshire Authorities To Car Wreck Involving Owner


A New Hampshire dog is being called a hero after leading authorities to a near-deadly car wreck in which its owner was involved.

Tinsley, a German shepherd, was initially thought to be lost when New Hampshire State Trooper and police in the town of Lebanon found her wandering along an interstate highway bridge.

But when they approached her she kept running just out of reach in order to lead them to her owner, Cam Laundry, seen below, who had rolled his truck off the freeway and into a ditch.

Speaking to local news outlet WMUR, New Hamspshire State Police Lieutenant Daniel Baldassare described the officers' encounter with Tinsley on Monday night and how the dog cleverly sort of tricked them into finding Laundry and his passenger.

"[The officers] could tell the dog was trying to show them something because they were, he kept trying to get away from them but didn't run away totally."
"It was kind of, 'Follow me. Follow me.' And they did that and you know, to their surprise to see the guardrail damaged and to look down to where the dog is looking at, it's just, they were almost in disbelief."

And from the sounds of it, Tinsley led them there just in time.

New Hamspshire State Police Lieutenant Daniel Baldassare said that in addition to his serious injuries, Tinsley's owner was very close to hypothermia when authorities and medical services arrived.

The NHSP also shared Tinsley's heroics on their Facebook page.

Both Laundry and his passenger were seriously injured in the harrowing rollover crash, which occurred near the junction of Interstates 89 and 91 near the New Hampshire-Vermont state line.

Much like law enforcement, emergency medical personnel credited Tinsley for saving the two men.

On Twitter, people cheered on Tinsley's life-saving heroics.

Laundry has since been released from the hospital.

He told local media he would be rewarding Tinsley with plenty of snuggles and her favorite dinner of venison and hamburger upon their reunion.