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Man Comes Home To An Unusual And Precarious Greeting From His Dog

Most dogs are excited to see their owners come home, but Murray, a six-year-old vizsla, takes his joy to new heights.

When Murray's owner, AJ Allee, arrives home, he likes to meet her in a special spot: the highest point on Allee's two-story house.

Man Returns Home To Find His Dog In A Unique Way To Greet

Allee told UNILADUNILAD about Murray's strange habit:

Murray has so much energy. He loves to please and loves his owners, always sticking by your side. To reach the top he climbs the stairs at the back of the house then leaps six feet to get to the first level roof. He then leaps again to get to the second level roof.

Over time, however, Allee got over his fears and now simply looks forward to the sight of his majestic dog on the roof when he gets home:

The first time he did it I was scared and we tried to keep him from doing it but it turned out that the breed is known for climbing on things.

Neighbors are reportedly "amused and shocked" at Murray's adventurous behavior! But according to Twitter, this is far from the first time a pooch has gone roof-climbing:

Maybe Charles Schultz was onto something...


Dogs do some pretty amazing things for their owners. For instance, a dog named Capitán, from Argentina, recently passed away at the age of 15, after spending the past 11 years sleeping at his owner's grave. Even when his surviving family tried to bring him back, he would always return to his master Miguel's final resting place.

Having never taken Captáin to Miguel's grave before, the family will always wonder how he found his way there.

A dog's love is something most humans can't understand. But as long as they're safe up on the roof, we're grateful for it!

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