Like straight out of a cartoon. A dog who got locked inside his owner's car stuck it in reverse and rode in circles for an hour. Yes, an hour.

Police in Port St. Lucie, Florida, said the owner stepped out of the car after making a wrong turn on to Edith Court. And, things got out of hand when Max, a black Labrador, accidentally put the car in reverse, causing it to circle the cul-de-sac for an hour, hitting a postbox and taking out a garbage bin in the process.

The owners had no idea how to stop it, and neither did the police. The owner handed police an extra car key, but it did not work due to a dead battery, so officers had to open the car by entering a code on a keypad on the driver's side door.

Neighbor Anne Sabol said Max was in high spirits after being rescued, adding he “jumped out of the car, wagging his tail."

People saw the potential Max has.


Many were shocked that other humans are in fact worse drivers than a dog.


Some were confused as to how this happened.


Is anyone surprised this happened in Florida? No? Us neither.


The most important question is, has this happened before?


"No injuries were reported, and the car sustained minor damage. Max was fine, healthy and happy!" Port St. Lucie Police said.

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