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Doctor Reveals Why She'll 'Never' Wake Up Early To Go To The Gym In Mic Drop TikTok

Nicole Van Groningen, MD, explained in a TikTok video listing several things she'd 'never do as a doctor' that 'sleep is the primary wellness habit.'

TikTok screenshots of Nicole Van Groningen, MD

A doctor on TikTok has gone viral after naming "waking up early to exercise" as one of the things you will "never catch [her] doing as a doctor."

In the video, Nicole Van Groningen, MD, listed some habits of which she refuses to partake when considering her own health and wellness.

Countless viewers were relieved when the doctor revealed she would never lose out on sleep just to hit the gym early.

She explained:

“Do not let any influencers out here convince you that it’s best to cut your sleep duration short so that you can go to the gym and work out and build a better body."
“Sleep is the primary wellness habit, end of story.”

We're sold!

Dr. Van Groningen also listed other activities she skips on, mainly due to her experience working in trauma.

First of all, she said you will never catch her on a motorcycle.

“There’s so many safety features of cars today, the least of which is literally walls and windows and doors."
“Why would you give all that up?”
“All it takes is one trauma rotation as a med student. That’s enough; I’d never do it.”

Similarly, the TikToker will never ride a bicycle without a helmet.

“There’s just no reason not to.”
“There are some specific screams from family members that I will never forget. And I’ll never ride a bike without a helmet.”

You can watch the TikTok below.


Ok admittedly one of these at the end is for vanity too. But these are truly the things you won’t carch me doing as a docror. #doctorsoftiktok #doctorlifestyle #doctorsoftiktok👩‍⚕️ #healthipstiktok #doctorslifebelike

People in the comments expressed their relief over hearing firsthand from a doctor that sleep trumps an early morning workout.











The doctor's advice didn't stop at her own habits, though. She also imparted her thoughts on the way those experiencing health issues are treated.

“I never blame people for their health status."
“I think people who do are trying to cling to a sense of control and say, ‘Oh, that person is sick because they did X, Y, and Z thing.’”

Regardless, she explained, no one deserves an illness.

Secondly, she never judges a person's condition based on their appearance.

”I would never make an assessment of someone’s health just based on how they look."

Her last nuggets of advice included being diligent about applying sunscreen and not always going the "natural" route.

That's some sound advice. Thanks for sharing!