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People Share The Most Disturbing Historical Facts They Know

People Share The Most Disturbing Historical Facts They Know

History is not all hunky dory. In fact, history is often stressful and disturbing.

The thing about that is that humans control which bits of history get passed on. So things that are recorded are often not the whole story. The disturbing bits get left behind.

But then, sometimes the disturbing bits make it through.

u/Nitroottet asked:

NSFW What is the most disturbing history fact you know?

Here were some of those answers.

Warning: NSFW.

Prison For Poor Judgment


There was a woman in the 1700s who, after a miscarriage, went into labor and delivered a dead cat and several live baby rabbits. After a lengthy investigation, English royals discovered that this woman put the animals inside her cervix (which was still open from the miscarriage) when no one was looking to give the appearance that she was giving birth to them. She served 5 months in jail for being "an impetus liar and cheat".


Blowing Up

Heart monitors worn on the Challenger space shuttle show that the crew wasn't killed instantly, but actually survived for a while. I like to think they weren't conscious for any of it, but they probably suffered horribly for some time.


Unknown Soldier(s)


There is a neolithic massgrave in Germany of 26 young children and men with a high number of injuries on their legs. They were intentionally crippled before they were killed by arrows and blunt force. The systematic and deliberate way the victims lower bones were broken indicate torture. The group missing girls and women also means they were most likely abducted. Warfare 7000 years ago.


Nothing Will Stop Us

Great War, year 1915. In polish fortress in Osowiec (at that time under control of Russian Tsar) took place an living-dead counterstrike. This was Germany's third assault on the Fortress, this time they used gas that was a mix of chlorine and bromine, as they knew the Russians did not have proper protection. After the gas attack Germans marched towards the fortress, but but they did not expect the bayonet charge of burned, spitting blood and parts of their lungs Russians. The view surely was terrifying as 7000 German soldiers fell back driven away by 100 Russian survivors, as expected the damage caused by gas was lethal


The Worst Kind Of Person

Kellogg created corn flakes so people would be too bored to masturbate.


He thought anything with flavor would cause "excitement" and make you masturbate. The corn flakes you eat now are sweeter than what they used to be. He also advised people to put carbolic acid on little girl's nether regions so they could never derive pleasure from masturbation/sex... among other crazy things.

He was nuts.


The Crap-Jobs


That Herny Viii employed a "Groom of the Stool" to help him go to the toilet. It was a highly coveted position by his courtiers as it got you alone time with the king to bend his ear as well as wipe his arse.

Anyway there was one instance where after the by now, extremely overweight king had been constipated for weeks; the Groom of the Stool was happy to report to the King's physician that the "King has had a mighty fair siege"



After a major rebellion against the British Company Rule in India, the Brits retaliated by strapping Indians to the front end of cannons and firing. A couple years later the Raj was founded. I can't think of a more punishment that blends cruelty and visibility any further.


What A Time To Be Alive

As some of you might know, king Louix XIV of France moved the aristocracy to the castle of Versailles to be able to control them better. There were daily banquets, which lasted for hours. The only problem was that Louix XIV had severe diarrhea, so he needed to wear huge diapers to be able to sit for hours. The other attendants were forbidden to leave before the king, so they all sat in a brewing cloud of fecals.


Said She, "Make Me Amused"


Queen Victoria instituted a system of Certifying prostitute as Syphilis free. They were called the Queen's ladies of the night. Many Prostitutes hung the certificate above their beds as a point of pride.