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Michigan Official Forced To Resign After Ignorant Islamophobic Facebook Posts

Michigan Official Forced To Resign After Ignorant Islamophobic Facebook Posts

A member of the Warren Elected Officials Compensation Commission in Michigan was forced to resign after making scathing anti-Muslim comments on social media.

The Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations called on Diane Toni Deliso Kozlowski, 71, to resign after they've discovered her Islamophobic rants on Facebook dating back to 2014 and 2015, according to Raw Story.

"NO AMERICAN WOULD HAVE VOTED FOR A MUSLIM," she wrote, allegedly referring to Barack Obama.

"Get them out of our country. there (sic) so insulting. Send them to the white house they can eat there. with the other muslim," she said in another post. Her latest comment read, "ISLAM IS HATE."

Kozlowski announced her resignation on Wednesday by writing a letter to Warren Mayor James Fouts.

She also expressed her regrets in the statement that was later released by the city of Warren, Michigan.

I apologize for offending anyone, including Muslims, my post was referring to terrorists, NOT Muslims. I understand that terrorists come from all backgrounds and all religions and for me to refer to Muslims was wrong. I apologize to Muslims who are as much against terrorism as are other religions in the United States. I was wrong and as a result I am resigning.

The mayor acknowledged the unfortunate indiscretion resulting in Kozlowski to step down.

What she said on Facebook was a misstatement and she recognized her error and reacted accordingly. I appreciate her resignation.

Kozlowski is a 18-year resident of Warren who was one of seven members of Warren's Elected Officials Compensation Commission. Those who serve on the Commission are not paid and determine the salaries of city's elected officials, including the mayor, city clerk, and treasurer.

The CAIR-MI's executive director, Dawud Walid, appreciated Fouts concern over Kozlowski's scathing Facebook posts but urged other cities to do their due diligence by reviewing commission members before appointing them into positions.

Warren taxpayers, who include Muslims, should not have someone holding such bigoted views determining the salaries of government officials of their city.

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