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Tens Of Thousands Of Defrauded Students Could Have Their Student Loan Debt Cancelled Thanks To Judge's Ruling

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Students suffering crippling debt won a victory on Tuesday, as a federal judge overturned Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos's, delay on an Obama era ruling offering protections for loan borrowers.

The Obama administration had sought to crack down on for-profit educational institutions taking advantage of students, but upon getting appointed by Donald Trump, DeVos immediately began rolling back those protections. DeVos also stacked her department with officials that have close ties to for-profit institutions.

Now with the overturning of the delay, students who feel they were defrauded will have a process to get the loans cancelled. An example of such is a school shutting down while students were still attending, thereby making it impossible to graduate. Those students will automatically have their debt discharged.

There are currently over 100,000 students with claims filed against unscrupulous schools for fraud. They are all currently waiting for the Department of Education to forgive those loans.

It was a big step forward for many people being crushed by the burden of student dept.

Democrats have been critical of DeVos for rolling back the protections.

People are glad something is finally being done to help students.

There may be a reason why college is so expensive.

This is one step in the right direction. Many more need to be taken