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Victims Of The Annual Mindf*ck That Is Daylight Savings Took To Social Media To Vent Their Frustrations

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Daylight Savings Time is supposed to help increase productivity, but there's at least one day every year when it manages to do the exact opposite: the day we move our clocks forward.

The day clocks move ahead always seems to result in lost sleep, general crabbiness, and scheduling conflicts (often due to incorrectly set alarm clocks). There doesn't seem to be anyone who enjoys the process, especially the loss of sleep part, so it is a mystery to many why we still bother with it.

The European Parliament recently began the process of eliminating Daylight Savings in its member states, with the MEPs (Member of European Parliament) on the Committee on Transport and Tourism voted 23-11 in favor of abolishing the practice. The move still requires a vote in the Council of Member States, but it is something that has been in the works for a while.

There was some call on Twitter when this change was announced for it to be adopted in other countries too, but it doesn't seem like it's too likely to happen in the US.

Twitter users took to the site to voice their frustrations over the time change, and share some of their more interesting stories.

Quite a few people shared the surreal experience of simply losing an hour as cell phone clocks changed directly from 1:59 to 3:00.

People were also distinctly upset by the loss of an hour of sleep.

Sleep isn't any easier on the other end of things, either.

It's definitely not anyone's favorite day.

A sudden change in the time we're expected to be up and functioning is enough to cause a bit of jet-lag in most people. Luckily, most people are pretty understanding, and will be happy to complain about daylight savings time with you if you're a bit on the late side.