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Danny Pintauro Recounts 'Horrifying' Time Candace Cameron Bure Shamed Him For Getting HIV On 'The View'

The 'Who's the Boss?' star called the incident 'one of the lowest moments' in his coming out journey.

Danny Pintauro; Candace Cameron Bure
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Actor Danny Pintauro recently joined David Yontef on his podcast Behind the Velvet Rope and opened up about his "horrifying" experience on The View.

Yontef asked Pintauro his thoughts on Candace Cameron Bure's recent statements regarding "traditional marriage."

It prompted Pintauro to bring up the way he was treated by Bure on The View.

“You need to go watch it. You will walk away from it feeling very, uh, angry.”

You can watch the Behind the Velvet Ropes segment below.

DANNY PINTAURO Reveals His "Lowest Moment" in Coming Out Was The View Interview with Candace

The Who's the Boss? actor sat down with Bure and Raven-Symoné on the show eight years ago to discuss his HIV-positive diagnosis.

He was not prepared for Bure to basically shame him on national television.

She also brought Pintauro's husband and intimate details into the conversation.

"I was disappointed in the way she treated me when I was on 'The View.'"
"She basically said, 'Do you take responsibility for getting HIV because you were living a promiscuous lifestyle?' and turned on the spot to my husband and said, 'Do you have unprotected sex with your husband?'"

Pintauro continued:

"I mean, it was horrifying."
"It was one of the lowest moments of the journey I had after coming out to Oprah."

Addressing Bure's stance on films focusing on "traditional marriages" and families, Pintauro shared:

"And so it's not surprising to me that she's taking this stance with Christmas movies that she's gonna be involved in."
"She must have tons of people in her life that are LGBTQ+, at least from her past."
"And how she got to this place is just a little concerning to me. It's almost like she went backwards in a way."
"I don't know if that's her brother [Kirk Cameron] or her family. I don't know where any of that stems from, but it's definitely disappointing."

Pintauro's conversation with Bure and Symoné on The View can be seen below.

THE VIEW - 19x19 - Danny Pintauro/Amy Holmes & Robert

Viewers of the segment were appalled at the way Pintauro was treated.

Todd Kujawa/YouTube

Todd Kujawa/YouTube

Todd Kujawa/YouTube

Todd Kujawa/YouTube

Todd Kujawa/YouTube

Todd Kujawa/YouTube

Todd Kujawa/YouTube

Todd Kujawa/YouTube

Todd Kujawa/YouTube

Pintauro finished the interview with thoughts on Bure's potential to be an LGBTQ+ ally.

"I think she could be an incredible ally if she would just break away from—I guess it's religious based, right?"
"If she could open herself up again, she would be a great ally, but I don't see that happening anytime soon."

Sadly, we don't either.