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Dad Mortified After His Teen Daughter Walks In On Him Casually Naked On His Bed While His Wife Is On The Phone With Their Pastor

Dad Mortified After His Teen Daughter Walks In On Him Casually Naked On His Bed While His Wife Is On The Phone With Their Pastor
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Ah, the TIFU subReddit: a veritable treasure trove of human foibles.

The popular Reddit section—whose name stands for "Today I Fu**ed Up"—is filled with tales that truly live up to the acronym, from deeply unfortunate sneezes, to pizza delivery mishaps and perhaps worst of all, barfing absolutely everywhere in a public restaurant.

But this most recent entry into the annals of TIFU is, you might say, a classic of the genre and something of a rite of passage-and a particularly horrifying one--for nearly all of us at one point or another: walking in on our parents in the altogether. *shudders*

The story comes from Redditor frizziefrazzle. And it starts out prosaically enough: frizziefrazzle is lounging on their bed in the buff, killing time playing Candy Crush while waiting for the shower. Simple enough. Who among us!

But then the story takes a hard left...

As frizziefrazzle's lounging in the nude, their 13-year-old child comes bursting through the door at precisely the wrong moment and shrieks the words that will instantly ring true to anyone who's ever made the same mistake:

"I'm scarred for life!"

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Pretty relatable.

And as if that weren't enough, frizziefrazzle's spouse was on the phone with their pastor when this all went down, on speakerphone.

And the good reverend heard the whole incident and ensuing conversation, which they called, "way more information than I needed," which seems like an understatement.

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What's more, instead of, oh, IDK, maybe throwing on a robe on or something, frizziefrazzle went immediately to Reddit to post the debacle... which turned out to be a slightly less disastrous but nonetheless huge mistake.

"At least I was covered up by a blanket when another one of my kids decided to walk into my room without knocking."

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frizziefrazzle's fellow Redditors, naturally, had plenty to say about this mishap.

"Today my teenage child f'd up by walking into my room without knocking while I was laying naked on my bed."
"Fixed it for you..." --TaosDraconis
"I tell my kids you deserve whatever you see when you walk in my room without knowing." --Tracibeus

Though not everyone saw what the big deal was.

"My mom walked around her room naked with the door open while getting ready in the morning my whole young life. It's naked mom, whoopity doo. She'll live." --PM_ur_Rump
"I'm 26 and still see my mom naked. She just doesn't care if one of us is around when she's in her birthday suit, we're in her space lmao always been that way." --tspinx
"Why is seeing your parents or siblings naked so bad? I don't understand." --easiestpete
"As a European i always found it funny how people in the U.S. make a drama about the fact that they have seen a family member naked." --papragu
"Everyone in my family used to walk around naked - this whole thing is too American for me." --LovingSweetCattleA*s

While another pointed out that the optics of the situation would be upsetting to any kid.

"Maybe the kid assumed that, since she was laying on bed, they just had sex or were about to have sex. That would be pretty horrifying to a 13 year old." --bnte96

In any case, if nothing else, Reddit came through with a fantastic limerick about this mess.

"He's taking a shower"
"For more than an hour"
"But she won't let obstacles make her day sour"
"She's nude on the bed"
"Playing phone games instead"
"While hubby is triple shampooing his head"
"And when he takes a call from their worrisome pastor"
"His wife's naked gaming time turns to disaster"
"Their daughter comes in and turns red in the cheeks"
"Her mom's booty baked in her noggin for weeks" --Pistachiotomy


Anyway, the moral of this story seems pretty clear: knock before entering, and keep your robe on, just in case.