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Dad Becomes The Face Of A Movement To Get Changing Tables In Men's Restrooms After Viral Instagram Post

Photo by Jahi Chikwendiu-The Washington Post via Getty Images

Come on corporate America, get with the times. Fathers share equal responsibility and need the same services.

Donte Palmer, a father of three, posted a photo to Instagram that has both women and men grinding their teeth. It seems the dad has to squat on the floor to change his child's diaper because there are no changing tables in the men's room.

This insults both men and women. There is the assumption that women are the ones who have to always change the baby. No! And it assumes men aren't stepping up in their roles as fathers. Insulting!

We can do better!

Palmer tells Buzzfeed:

If there's no changing table available, then I do what I do to get it done. As a father, we need to be seen as an equal. We're more than just protectors and providers. We're the stroller pushers [who] get up at 4 a.m. to warm bottles. My wife and I, we share everything equally. We cook and clean. We work hard — equally. Why do we share equal responsibility but society views us differently?

The photo has many asking, "Why are there no changing tables in the men's room?" A new hashtag, #SquatForChange, wants to bring awareness to this problem and make the appropriate changes.

Dads are posting their uncomfortable and difficult diaper change positions.

The campaign spilled over to Twitter, where more folks weighed in.

Yes, it does.

Clearly, this is a long time coming.

Men and women agree: it's time for change!

H/T: Indy100, Buzzfeed