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The Internet Isn't Really Buying This Supposed Cutting Board 'Life Hack'

On Tuesday, March 26th, the Edmonton Journal shared a life hack on Twitter on how to properly use a cutting board.

After reviewing their pitch, however, many Twitter users decided their technique wasn't a "hack" so much as just "pretty dumb."

The Edmonton Journal tried to make people aware that the hole in many cutting boards should be used to push diced veggies through.

At first, some Twitter users were excited to use the "hack!"

But before long, some Twitter users began noticing some problems with the Journal's idea.

Suddenly, Twitter was in agreement: the life hack made zero sense.

It's not often a life hack gets rejected, but it seems this is one of those cases.

That's not how ANYONE uses that hole.

It's just a handle!

One Twitter user even tracked down the cutting board patent!

Well, it seems that's settled: the hole in a cutting board is just a handle.

That having been said, if you WANT to push your diced veggies through there, you can feel free to do so...

...just as long as you scrape them properly!