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Pro-Trump Preacher Hints At Needing Private Jet Due To 'Mark Of The Beast' Airline Vax Mandates

The Victory Channel

Kenneth Copeland, multi-millionaire televangelist and advisor to former Republican President Donald Trump, raised many eyebrows this week after hinting that he needs money for a private jet due to airlines imposing Satanic vaccine mandates.

Copeland called vaccine mandates "the mark of the beast," the symbol of allegiance to Satan spoken of in the biblical Book of Revelation which brings God's wrath to all who accept it.

Copeland, who already owns not only several private jets but also his own airport, made the statement during a fundraising telethon Tuesday on his television network The Victory Channel.

See the moment below.

Copeland is a close ally of former President Trump.

He served on an advisory committee for his 2016 campaign.