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Trump Supporters Are Now Threatening The Wrong Red Hen Restaurants, Because Of Course They Are 😑

Trump Supporters Are Now Threatening The Wrong Red Hen Restaurants, Because Of Course They Are 😑
(ITV News/YouTube)

After the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, gave Sarah Sanders and her family the boot because of her association with Donald Trump, backlash from conservatives was imminent.

Trump supporters seethed over the small business refusing service to a patron based on political views and threatened the Red Hen.

Unfortunately, some of the riled rabble lashed out at the wrong restaurant.

An eatery in Washington, D.C., sharing the same appellation but unaffiliated with the Red Hen in Virginia, was subject to social media backlash, including death threats, over the White House Press secretary being shown the door from the Lexington establishment.

The D.C. restaurant set things straight after being bombarded by over a thousand threatening emails.

Donald Trump contributed to the fiasco when he railed into the Red Hen without specifying which one.

The D.C. Red Hen also let customers know they can't refuse service to anyone based on politics since they are a federal district.

Mike Friedman, the chef and co-owner of the D.C. Red Hen clarified, "We serve everybody. Everybody is a guest. We treat everybody with the same respect."

There was still some confusion over the facts.

The D.C. restaurant was forced to spell things out.

Some empathized over the mistaken restaurant.

This is hardly the first time Trump supporters responded to opposition so recklessly.

Friedman told WTOP that his Red Hen is one that represents inclusion and leaves politics at the door.

"We didn't actually do anything wrong," he said. "We just happen to have a fascinating case of mistaken identity."

And he plans to keep the name of the eatery intact. In spite of the misdirected threats, the chef is keeping things light. He commented on the establishment getting egged, "which is, um, ironic — 'cause The Hen got egged."

It looks like the yolk is on the conservatives.

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