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Congressman's Reaction To Being Caught On C-SPAN's Hallway Cam Is Straight Out Of A '90s Sitcom's Opening Credits

Congressman's Reaction To Being Caught On C-SPAN's Hallway Cam Is Straight Out Of A '90s Sitcom's Opening Credits

Remember the 90s?

Back before the internet?

Before 9/11?

Before the generational rivalries tore us apart and turned us all into Boomers, Millennials or amused bystanders?



Boy oh boy, those were the days, eh?

Well if you're feeling nostalgic for that bygone era, you've logged on at just the right time. Not only are we impeaching the President again—just like in the 90s—but Congressmen are unwittingly serving us 90s sitcom realness on C-SPAN. And the results are a balm and a buttress for these trying times.

It all began during a break in yesterday's public impeachment hearings when C-SPAN caught North Carolina Representative Mark Meadows in the hallways unawares while taking a phone call.

And it reminded at least one gent, Matt Whitlock, Senior Advisor to the National Republican Senate Committee, of all those classic 90s sitcoms.

Specifically, those cheesy 90s sitcoms.

Remember ABC's TGIF?

That Friday-night "appointment television" two-hour block of some of the most iconic sitcoms of the late 80s and 90s? We're talking classics of the genre, each and every one of them with some cheesy intro full of... well, exactly the kinds of turn-and-smile hokiness Meadows served C-SPAN yesterday.

Not seeing it?

Well, Whitlock's got you covered. He cut Meadows's grin to all the best TGIF intros and, well.. it's perfect.

Like this one, to the Full House theme.

Family Matters, starring Mark Meadows, more your jam?

Well here you go!

Missing the antics of Balki Bartokomous on Perfect Strangers, featuring Mark Meadows?

Say no more.

Surely this would have make Balki do the "Dance of Joy" amirite?

Image result for balki bartokomous dance of joy gif

And of course, who could forget the classic that brought Suzanne Somers back to our TVs!

Along with Mark Meadows.

And this list would be only half complete without Growing Pains, with special guest star, Mark Meadows.

Whitlock even started taking requests, which resulted in a delightful Cheers tribute and... amazingly and also very, very weirdly, The Bachelor, starring Mark Meadows.

Okay that last one is kinda yikes, but nonetheless, Twitter was having an absolute ball with all this very weird 90s nostalgia.

Now if we can just get a Boy Meets World reboot with Members of Congress we might just survive this impeachment.

Perfect Strangers, Season 1&2, is available here.

Step By Step Season 1 is available here.