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Argos Is Selling The Perfect Christmas Tree For People With Destructive Pets—And We're Cheering 🎄🙌


For pet owners who spend the holiday season sweeping up broken ornaments this tree is for you.

The British company Argos have come up with a solution for pet owners who aren't allowed to have nice things. It comes in the form of a 6-foot-tall Half Parasol Christmas Tree. The trick, no lower branches to tempt rotten little rascals from climbing, chewing, pawing, smacking and/or peeing on lower branches. It's unconventional, but most pet owners are willing to try anything.

And yes, it comes in a snowy version too!

People were seeing the potential.

We're gonna stay out of this one.

Anyhoo, moving along.

Not everyone saw the genius in the trees.

There's always this option.

As long as Santa knows where to put the loot, we're good.

H/T: The Sun, Today

@RepKatiePorter/Twitter, @SecretaryCarson/Twitter

No, this isn't an Onion article.

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