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Unhinged Christian Woman Arrested After Islamophic Rant And Barrage Of Harassment Against Customers At Walmart

Unhinged Christian Woman Arrested After Islamophic Rant And Barrage Of Harassment Against Customers At Walmart

*WARNING: video content contains NSFW language

Shoppers at a Walmart got more than they bargained for when they witnessed a "devoutly religious" woman unleashing her condemning fury on people she deemed as "sinners."

Videos of her antagonistic harassment of innocent patrons are going viral on the internet.

Religious Rita is seen castigating shoppers under the guise of trying to save them and then snaps like a stale communion wafer when rebuffed.

By the way, addressing your fellow man, or woman, as "motherf*cker" and "sonofab*tch" repeatedly does not help anybody's cause.

In the video above that was posted on January 17, she tried in vain to convert a customer to her ideology by declaring:

"We're all sinnners."

The voice of the person filming the babble can be heard chuckling in spurts from amusement, and pointed out the obvious:

"You're sinning right now."

As you can imagine, she didn't take kindly to the held-up mirror and raised hell, yelling:

"No, I'm not mother f*cker, you f*ckin' accuser! Get the f*ck out of here, you f*ckin' ACCUSER!!! You mother f*ckin' accuser, GTFO of here!!! You mother f*ckin' accuser. Accuser of the f*cking brethren, you mother f*cker!!!

We're not sure about the churches she attended while growing up, but I'm pretty sure detonating F-bombs while invoking Jesus is not condoned in most congregations.


At one point, a store employee intervened and asked what the problem was, hoping to diffuse the blaring hellfire.

The long-haired woman in a black cardigan turned towards the employee, down-shifted from 100 to zero, and casually told her:

"I'm p*ssed because he won't repent."

But her rage resumed full throttle as she harassed other customers with her decibel-shattering voice.

She claimed another victim who confronted her from a store aisle and screeched:

"Shut your f*ckin' mouth, b*tch! If you don't have Jesus Christ in your heart, I feel f*ckin' sorry for you!"

Someone appearing to be head of security or a store manager followed her and tried to calmly deescalate the situation, but it proved futile as her fury peaked.

With her head shaking wildly, she shrieked:

"You can lock me up in a f*ckin' prison, life without f*ckin' parole, and I'll be better off than any of you mother f*ckaaaas!!!"


Salvation came in the form of police, who eventually arrived and arrested her.

Here is another video of the same serial loudmouth that was shared on Reddit.

People on social media had plenty to confess about Religious Rita.

"I think the funniest part is just how she draws out 'muthaf*ckaaaa.' Her accent changes almost like she's being possessed when saying that word." – chief89
"This woman was the valedictorian at the Samuel L Jackson University of Mother F*cka! The amount of times and the amount of stank she puts on each Mother F*cka is just poetic." – maxjohnson15
"Same lady, she's really changing the internet in an innovative way." – gscha3f3rTX
"It also made me really happy that other people joined in, when trying to reason with this woman and tell her to back off."
"And for the woman filming it for showing the crazy ladies harassment of the brown guy- i'm not gonna say he's muslim because you can't tell from the vid."
"But its just reassuring to see that not everyones a racist c*nt." – TheDevilsTrinket

It is doubtful Religious Rita has a right side of the bed.

"Think it's a plot to try and have someone hurt her so she can sue? Or for the internet Fame? I find it hard to believe people can be that angry." – aprilalberta
"I honestly believe she just goes around harassing people so that they snap and actually get physical with her so she can sue for assault."
"Idk tho. She's f*cking nuts and should be behind bars or in a straight jacket." – Alazteir
"Yeah but one of these days she's gonna yell at someone equally unstable and she'll be lucky if she's even around after to collect." – theRapgodMinho
"She blows like ten gaskets throughout the video. I'm not one for believing in demonic possession, but there were a couple times her voice changed to something very dark and then back like it was nothing." – Merdin86

On a serious note, people noted that this type of behavior was indicative of a broken system concerning mental health.

"Mental health treatment is abysmal in America, doctors have very thin guidelines in which they can hold people against their will and a lot of places it actually has to be a felony, in which case police get involved, which goes into the courts and keeps money flowing into the system." – Calm_Colected_German
"This isn't the same as catching and exposing racists being racist; this is exploiting someone who clearly has mental illness."
"My father was a schizophrenic and he did some things like this in public places. Because the U.S. government's mental health care programs are underfunded, he was frequently let out of the hospital before he was functional."
"I grew up in a small town and I got second-hand judgement every time he had a public episode. At least cell phones weren't common when I was growing up or he might have gone viral too."
"My points: support mental health care funding and consider how those with mental illness and their families may be impacted by social media exposure." – Kimberly Carson
"I'm starting to think less drugs and more serious mental health issues."
"Looking at how she's moving her jaw it appears she has tardive dyskinesia due to the use of antipsychotics."
"She reminds me of so many people I've seen off their psych meds." – daggerLAWLess

Is she in violation of any laws, though?

"I mean its a hard case because she's obviously bat shit crazy but she isn't really violating any laws that would require you to be institutionalized."
"I may be wrong but I didn't hear her threaten to hurt anybody or herself and that's usually what's required to get put in crisis."
"They can arrest her for harassment but she would be out of jail in a day at most." – Dr_Bukkakee
"Harassment is a crime. Why she's not banned from Walmart nationwide is the bigger question. That's trespassing." – cuppincayk

People discussed whether or not physically engaging with an incessantly belligerent individual is counter-productive.

"Is there a way to deescalate? Or is involving the police the best option at that point?"
"I imagine the people arguing with her aren't helping at all." – myawwaccount01
"There are people on here that say that you'd be in the wrong for pushing/hitting her."
"But if a loud angry crazy person is chasing me around yelling at me, telling me I'm going to hell, I'm going to at least push her away from me and get more physical if she continues."
"I don't want to put hands on her but I don't want a crazy person that close to me." – Srawesomekickass

Religious Rita was arrested in both videos and peace was finally restored.