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Chrissy Teigen Just Debuted Her New Silver 'Midlife Crisis' Hairdo—And Fans Are Rightly Obsessed

Chrissy Teigen Just Debuted Her New Silver 'Midlife Crisis' Hairdo—And Fans Are Rightly Obsessed

Chrissy Teigen has been all about change lately. First, saying goodbye to her beloved Twitter account.

Now a whole new look.

Teigen recently revealed what she's calling her new "midlife crisis" look. It's a super straight, icy-silver hairdo that has people cheering.

Thankfully for Teigen's fans she has not yet deleted her Instagram presence.

Teigen posted a video of the hot new look to the platform.

Teigen, long considered the undisputed "Queen of Twitter" for her hilarious posts and razor-sharp clapbacks at her critics, recently left Twitter.

In the weeks leading up to her departure, Teigen had been subject to a wave of toxic trolling in the wake of her recent miscarriage with her and singer John Legend's third child.

Suffice to say it's been a difficult time for Teigen.

But if you thought her icy new look was a cry for help, think again. With her trademark self-effacing wit, Teigen captioned her new look with what is surely a pithy reference to her Twitter departure.

"I'm ok really!!!"

Though in a follow-up video, she did concede her hair might have something to do with a touch of good old-fashioned midlife angst.

She later went on to thank her friend, comedian Sebastian Maniscalco, for not commenting on her "midlife crisis hair" while working together.

But hey, we should all be so lucky to act out our middle-aged malaise in such stylish fashion, right? And after successful turns as both a hot pink- and purple-head in the past, Teigen seems to know her way around a bold hair experiment.

And her Instagram fans, celebrities and civilians alike, were loving this latest chapter in her hair journey.












May we all handle our midlife crises so well!