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Cheating Woman Caught After Guy She Hooked Up With Left Hidden Note For Her Boyfriend

Cheating Woman Caught After Guy She Hooked Up With Left Hidden Note For Her Boyfriend
Bryan Miguel/Getty Images

Among the many varieties of videos that make their way onto TikTok, the "exposed cheaters" category is well represented.

The entertainment value of TikTok, after all, is largely based on people's willingness to post videos at the drop of a hat, documenting exactly what's happening to them in real time.

That tendency has led to a trove of reaction videos posted by the shocked and angry victims of cheaters.

In the most recent case, TikToker Meme King shared the secret note he received from the very guy his girlfriend cheated with.

Apparently, the dude had no idea she had a boyfriend. That is, he had no idea until she told him the morning after they slept together.

Shaken by the unexpected news, the guy scribbled a quick note and taped it underneath the toilet seat, hoping the girl wouldn't find it before her boyfriend (Meme King) did.

Well Meme King did find the note first.

And he posted it for all to see:

"This chick just told me she has a boyfriend the morning after."
"Sorry to tell you like this, but I'd want to know if I was you."

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People were quick to heap praise on the guy who left the note.

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Jay pace/TikTok


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Others were impressed by his resourcefulness.



Tavious Aletto/TikTok

With no follow up video posted, there's no way of knowing how things shook out for Meme King after he read the note.

But one thing is for sure—this will not be the last cheater-themed video to come out of TikTok.