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TikToker Floored After Catching Her Boyfriend Cheating On Her At A Holiday Inn Express

TikToker Savana Miles was horrified to discover her boyfriend's car parked at a Holiday Inn Express late at night—then watched as he later emerged with another woman.

TikTok screenshots from Savana Miles

A woman on TikTok went viral after documenting the moment she caught her boyfriend cheating on her at a Holiday Inn Express.

TikToker Savana Miles shared in a 28-second creation how, after her boyfriend turned off the location on his iPhone and didn't come home after a night out with his coworkers, she went out looking for him and found his a hotel.

She shared:

"I thought I would just come on here real quick to say three times’ the charm, because it is 3:33 in the morning, my boyfriend told me he was going out late, and he’s not home."
"He turned off his location, turned off his phone. Look where he’s at.”

The video then showed her boyfriend's Dodge Charger in the parking lot, with her photos in the dash, to boot.

“My f**king photos are on his dashboard, and you’re f**king cheating on me right now?”

You can watch below.

WARNING: NSFW language


My boyfried bought a hotel for the night #cheatersgettingcaught

In her next video, Miles showed her boyfriend and a female walking to his car. He even opened the door for the unidentified woman.

The TikToker added the text:

"Literally caught this man CHEATING"

You can watch the follow-up below.


Replying to @m. He Legit opened her car door😂 best believe i was staying for my own proof. #cheater #liar #caughtoncamera

Viewers of the videos were impressed at Miles' composure, with many stating they would not have reacted the same.




But everyone could agree that she deserved better.





After taking a couple of days to process, Miles decided to post a video to respond to comments and questions and discuss her experience.

The TikToker shared the text thread between her and her boyfriend from the evening, which gave her the feeling something was off.

For starters, he wouldn't answer her calls because he was "busy." Then he turned off his phone.

BUT the location on his iPhone updated to that point, which led Miles to the Holiday Inn Express.

She then explained what went down after she confronted her boyfriend. Miles said she waited until the female was in the car and her door was shut before she approached him.

After their initial exchange, he said he was going to take the female home, so Miles said she would follow him.

Eventually, he pulled over and told her she was "acting crazy," but the creator insisted on following them.

Then, the female passenger got out and approached Miles and said she wasn't comfortable with Miles knowing where she lived.

And that's when the woman found out her "date" had a girlfriend. The female revealed Miles had always been referred to her around the office as "the nanny" of his children.

And, yes, the TikToker ended up taking the woman home.

You can watch below.

WARNING: NSFW language


For an update, this is what i have for now. Im still trying to process everything, each situation is so different. Time to love myself. #cheater #bethebiggerperson #freshstart

While the TikToker noted she doesn't "know how to process all of this," she's not going to let this experience infringe on her values.

"... I know who I am, I know my ethics, I know my morals, and good does get rewarded."
"I'm just going to be patient and focus on myself right now."

As you should.