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Chasten Buttigieg Offers Mic Drop Advice To Anyone Worried About Their Lockdown Weight Gain

Paul Morigi/Getty Images

In a short Twitter thread last week, Chasten Buttigieg shared advice and his personal experience with weight gain during the pandemic lockdowns this past year.

Chasten Buttigieg is a teacher, LGBTQ+ rights advocate, husband to Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg and now author of a memoir I Have Something to Tell You. He's also no stranger to sharing his thoughts and beliefs on Twitter.

His latest tweet on body acceptance read:

"I gained twenty pounds during COVID and felt awful about it. Then a good friend told me 'maybe just dress the body you have and stop worrying about it'."
"So I finally went and bought new pants. I'm very grateful for having such good friends... and also for these bigger pants."
"This past year has put us all through a heck of a lot."
"If you, like a lot of us, gained some weight while trying to survive a deadly global pandemic, consider me officially on your '[who gives a f'k?]' team."

Chasten Buttigieg has received many tweets of love, support and gratitude for sharing this advice.

For many people in urban areas their lives were forced to become sedentary with pandemic risks shutting down parks and gyms.

A few people who survived contracting Covid responded to Buttigieg's tweet.

Unfortunately, there's also been a rise in eating disorders during the pandemic, and a few people shared there perspectives.

Whether you gained or lost weight during this pandemic, we can all take Chasten Buttigieg's advice and dress for the body you have, while thanking it for getting you through a difficult time.