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Far-Right Activist Suggests China Will Invade Taiwan Because US High School Held Drag Show

Far-Right Activist Suggests China Will Invade Taiwan Because US High School Held Drag Show
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Far-right activist Charlie Kirk is drawing criticism—and head scratches—after claiming China will invade Taiwan because a high school in the United States held a drag show.

What the two have to do with each other is anyone's guess, but the claim was just one part of a tirade Kirk went on over the high school drag show, which happened during half-time at a school football game in Burlington, Vermont.

Both students and faculty participated in the drag show to great fanfare at the school, which Kirk called "godless" and "soulless" in his rant, seen below.

WARNING: homophobic and transphobic slurs

The drag show of about 30 students and faculty, which was organized by the school's gay/straight alliance group, was part of Burlington High School's homecoming celebration and by all accounts left people in the stands cheering.

But to Kirk, the show was indicative of the state of decline of the United States as a whole.

"Meanwhile, at a high school in Vermont, just to kind of show the state of the nation, what are they doing during a high school football game? Oh, they're having a drag show."

Kirk then segued into a diatribe about comedian Dave Chapelle's new Netflix special The Closer, which the trans community has called transphobic and which inspired a walkout by trans employees at the streaming company.

Kirk lamented Chapelle is being "canceled for being hilarious," before segueing once again to make his claim all this pro-LGBTQ+ inclusion is going to make China really mad—not at the United States, but at Taiwan.

"If I were [Chinese leader] Xi Jinping, and I saw that Netflix employees were walking out over saying that gender is a fact, if I was Xi Jinping and I saw drag queen halftime show, I would take Taiwan over lunch."

Kirk offered no explanation for how these two things were connected before then claiming China and Taiwan's beef would somehow also endanger the United States.

"The transgender garbage is making America a dangerous place. It allows our enemies an opportunity to take us over."

As you might guess, Twitter found Kirk's latest rant absurd.

Kirk is one of former Republican President Donald Trump's biggest supporters, frequently amplifying his baseless "Big Lie" election fraud claims.