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Far-Right Activist Slammed After Saying Birth Control Turns Women Into Democrats In Bonkers Speech

Right-wing activist Charlie Kirk is being called out after claiming that birth control 'screws up female brains' so much that they become Democrats.

Screenshot of Charlie Kirk
Turning Point Faith

Far-right activist Charlie Kirk—best known as the founder of the right-wing youth advocacy group Turning Point USA—was called out after claiming that birth control "screws up female brains" so much that they become Democrats.

Speaking at an event hosted by his organization, Turning Point Faith, Kirk claimed that "young ladies" who use birth control turn both “angry and bitter.” He also asserted that “young men are the most conservative they’ve been in 50 years” in part because of issues like reproductive freedom.

He said:

"Abortion’s obviously part of it, but they’ve been sold a lie through culture, through media, through even some of their parents that you basically have to go pursue this corporate trajectory, and that men are always the problem, and suppress your biological impulses."
"A lot of them are on birth control, too. And birth control like really screws up female brains, by the way. Every single one of you need to make sure that your loved ones are not on birth control. It increases depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation."
"Birth control is the number one prescribed medication for young ladies under the age of 25. They will give young ladies birth control for pimples, for acne, to control their moods, their period. It is awful, it’s terrible, and it creates very angry and bitter young ladies and young women."
"Then that bitterness then manifests into a political party that is the bitter party. I mean, the Democrat Party is all about “bring us your bitterness and, you know, we’ll give you free stuff.”

You can hear what he said in the video below.

Kirk later asserted that “we have more 30-something young women that are single than married and they are by far the most reliable Democratic bloc," admonishing women in this age bracket who have "a nice apartment, a corporate job, and cats." He claimed that women have been pushed away from marriage to the detriment of society, contributing to "mass political hysteria."

He then sprinkled in some sexism to underscore his point:

"You’re in your early 30s, I’m sorry, you’re not as attractive in the dating pool as you were in your early 20s, but again, you have your corporate job and cats so I thought, you know. And I feel sorry for a lot of these young ladies."
"They email me all the time and they say “Charlie, I’m broken down in tears, I’m 33, I earn $130,000 a year, I travel a lot, and I have no one to share my life with.”

Kirk's remarks exposed him to almost immediate criticism.

Kirk's is only the latest right-wing figure to attack women—particularly single women, who, research shows, vastly support reproductive freedom—and their political affiliation.

Notably, Fox News personality Jesse Watters was once criticized after he absurdly demanded that single women "get married" so they stop voting for Democrats.

Watters' remark came as Fox News hosts collectively reeled over the 2022 midterm election results, which did not result in the "red wave" Republican legislators and pollsters had predicted.

A visibly annoyed Watters blamed single women and voters under the age of 40 for the election results, suggesting that these consequences could be avoided if single women get married and “settle down” because they have for the time being been "captured" by Democrats.