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A bunch of celebrities including Drake, Sam Smith and the Jonas Brothers have taken part in the viral FaceApp challenge. The mobile phone app takes a picture of a user's face before showing them what they could look like as they age.

Everyone has been posting their pictures on Instagram using a filter that adds wrinkles and grey hairs to selfies, generating a realistic-looking image. Celebrities have shared their results on social media.

Drake offered fans tickets to his music festival for the best picture caption on his post.

The Jonas Brothers' official Instagram account shared a picture of Kevin, Joe and Nick as old men, and referencing a Busted song the band covered, wrote: “When you take a trip to the Year 3000."

British singer Smith posted a selfie, writing: “Grandpa or Grandma? I'Il take both #batch."

Lil Nas X, currently riding high in the singles charts with his viral hit Old Town Road, shared his aged-up selfie.

“Feeling cute might delete later," he captioned it.

“Last couple of weeks have really taken a toll on me," Scooter Braun wrote, referencing his recent controversial argument with Taylor Swift.

There are many who still doubt that extremist political rhetoric being spread by far right conservatives in the United States is having a tangible impact on our culture.

But every day, disturbing hate-fueled incidents seem to be cropping up at an alarming frequency.

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Don't tell mom!

Family secrets are a norm. Who doesn't have them? What's fun is figuring out who is keeping what from who? Normally it's dad trying and failing to keep things form mom. Let's face it, nine times out of ten, dad is the court jester trying pushing the line when mom is not looking. So dad is usually begging the little ones to keep a kabash on the events that transpire in mom's absence.

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A woman contracted to work as a security member for the Greater Rochester International Airport was fired for handing out an insulting note.

Neal Strassner was among the assembly line of passengers walking through the metal detector on a relatively slow morning.

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Parenting is tough enough, but there is a definite gender gap, having kids of the opposite sex. Boys are gross, girls and loud, and everyone can agree that teenagers are usually awful.

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