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CBS Reporter Fact-Checks Trump Right To His Face—And People Are Loving It 🙌

People have grown weary of President Donald Trump and his use of "alternative facts." Now he's being called out by a reporter.

Lists and lists and lists are being kept online of all the occasions Trump has lied, misrepresented the truth, or simply been ill-informed, but now it seem a reporter finally fact-checked Trump to his face. This is how it all went down.

CBS' Paula Reid was asking Trump about the policy to separate children from their parents at the US-Mexico border. As usual, when asked a difficult question, Trump will try to divert attention away by throwing out the names of President Obama or Hillary Clinton.

And as if on cue Trump replied:

"Obama had a separation policy. We all had the same policy."

But Reid wasn't having any of it and shot back:

"You did not have it, sir. No, you didn't.

Trump went on to say he "tried to do it differently" by claiming "Obama had a separation policy but people don't like to talk about it," then he quickly turned and got out of there leaving Reid to shout at his back:

"Sir, it was different. You decided to prosecute everyone at the border."


People are here for this kind of reporting.

And want to see more reporters doing the same.

As for an honest answer from the president...we won't hold our breath.

H/T: Haaretz, Huffington Post

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